A Home Theater System Review
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EVERY time I watch a movie (basically when not updating Home Theater System Review) I find myself either

a) ducking bullets, or even planes zipping overhead
b) snapping my head around to check out who, or what, is behind me
c) covering up with a blanket when it’s cold and raining
d) getting up off the couch when someone knocks on the door
e) stopping the movie to update Home Theater System Review

I’m not talking about a war in my living room, a crazy serial killer in my house, a storm outside my window, or someone at my front door. I’m also not at the movie theater having shelled out $40 for a ticket and food for me and my girlfriend. I’m talking about the image being presented to me on the television and the sound offered to me by the speakers.

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MY television, MY speakers, MY home theater system.
Home Theater System Review offers you the info to experience the same.
YOUR television, YOUR speakers, Your home theater system.

I’m finished with driving to the crowded movie theater, paying through the teeth, and fighting for a seat. In my theater the snacks are cheaper, and you can put as much butter on the popcorn as you want.

The Home Theater System Review site is full of reviews and suggestions for your own home theater setup. I have broken the site down into regular home theater components which can be navigated with the menu on the left hand side of the page. Each section describes some features of each home theater system component as well offering some of the best and affordable brands offering home theater equipment.

When possible I will try to break categories down by brand since I find brand loyalty is the single most important factor people consider when buying home theater system components. Often brand overules price or performance.

With this website I want to present to those who don’t yet have a home theater system and are interested, what a home theater system is, what to expect, what may work for them, and what to consider buying. For those that already have a system, I want to tell you what works for me, how to optimize your home theater system setup, and what to expect in the near future.

I welcome anyone to drop me an email and share your home theater system stories, questions or gear. I hope Home Theater System Review helps! If there is anything you would like to see included on the Home Theater System Review site, information that I haven’t covered (equipment, brands, setups, etc.) and you think I should, please let me know.

It is the author’s hope that you enjoy and profit from these articles at Home Theater System Review.