LASIK Is One Of The Most Popular Ways To Get Rid Of Your Glasses Or Contact Lenses And Gives You …

Amazing surgeons, friendly and helpful staff, answers all of your questions and makes you feel relaxed. The LASIK Doctors is extremely skilled at what they do and will almost triple check to ensure they do the best LASIK possible for every patient. There are many things that you can do to prepare yourself for LASIK surgery, in order to ensure you have the most success. Here are some tips:

Consult with a LASIK doctor before scheduling LASIK to evaluate if you qualify for the procedure. If you suffer from refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, then LASIK may be right for you. Most LASIK surgeons will carefully examine your vision and help determine if LASIK will help you achieve your vision correction goals. If you’re currently wearing glasses or contact lenses, then it’s time to stop wearing them and give LASIK a try.

Be aware that during your consultation with a LASIK surgeon, you will undergo an evaluation to determine the proper flap size and depth. This will determine if LASIK is right for you or if additional surgeries are necessary. During this part of the process, your eyes will be examined and a treatment plan will be developed for you based on your vision condition. Your eye doctor will also discuss with you the post-operative care requirements, which will include the use of special cleaning and disinfecting solutions to prevent the eyes from picking up infection.

One week before your LASIK procedure, it is important that you take a high-quality non-prescription contact lens.You will not (951) 737-6402 be able to wear


lenses during this period. It is advised that you avoid bright lights, going outdoors and wearing sunglasses. It is also important to eat a healthy diet and reduce any stress to the eyes.You should sleep eight hours or more every night and drink eight to United States of America ten glasses of water per day to ensure the health of your eyes.

Once LASIK is approved for you by your surgeon, you will be placed in a recovery room.Your LASIK surgeon will consult with Anaheim Hills you regarding the post-operative care and you will be given specific instructions for daily living activities. It is important to follow these directions to prevent any complications from occurring such as infection or loss of vision. LASIK usually takes around one to three hours and you can expect your vision to return to normal within one week. Some discomfort during this period may occur, but you should seek the assistance of your LASIK surgeon in these situations.

The most common side effects following LASIK include minor blurred vision and dry eye at the beginning of the procedure. You may experience some pain and swelling but these should subside after a few days. You will notice that your eyes are extremely sensitive to light and movement for the first few days following the procedure but this sensation should diminish over the course of a few weeks. It is important to note that at your check up with the LASIK surgeon, he or she may instruct you to refrain from having any sort of contact lenses or eye drops for the first couple of weeks to let your eyes heal. This is an important precautionary measure to protect against dry eye or infection.

One week after LASIK surgery, you will be able Laser vision correction Anaheim to have your first round of follow-up visits with your LASIK surgeon. During this time you will be provided with a customized treatment plan that works best for your particular eyesight needs. You will be instructed to keep the initial flap from healing with an eye-lens distance of at least three to four inches. The surgeon will then use microkeratome technology to remove one to two layers of tissue around the flap that remains.A laser will be used to 500 S. Anaheim Hills Rd. Ste. 246 reshape the tissue, effectively correcting your vision problem. Your vision should improve in a matter of weeks, with most patients seeing vision improvements of more than ninety percent.

LASIK does not change the fact that you need to wear glasses or contacts in order to see clearly.If you have vision California problems, your surgeon will recommend that you wear glasses or contacts to address the issues you have.However, if your eyes are healing 92807 properly without the use of corrective aids, you will be able to return to using these items. LASIK is a great procedure that has many benefits for those who have vision problems. Discuss your options with a qualified LASIK surgeon today

LASIK Is One Of The Most Popular Ways To Get Rid Of Your Glasses Or Contact Lenses And Gives You  ...