Laveo Is Known For Its Environmentally Friendly Products And The Laveo Dry Flush Toilet Is No Exc …

This type of toilet has been designed to perform in the harshest of climates by utilizing the natural power of the earth. Although the Laveo clean flush toilet does not come with a built-in thermostat, it does have a built-in heat and cold reservoir that help the water vapor content to regulate itself.

Wet flushes are an issue for people who do not live in climates where they are often faced with the necessity of using a flush toilet. The thermal sensor that the Laveo dry flush toilet has is designed to prevent overloading and freezing of the water system that is used in this toilet. It is also made from a polypropylene material that is flame retardant and gives the Laveo dry flush toilet a non-corrosive surface.

The Laveo’s bowl shape is quite distinctive. Rather than being a rectangular shape, it is made from a round tubular material that sits comfortably against the counter top and allows the waste to be dumped neatly into the bottom of the bowl. The construction of the Laveo dry flush toilet enables it to operate with or without any water.

Also, the Laveo dry flush toilet has a built-in pan that allows for both flushing and dipping. The water is non-corrosive and removes all sorts of contaminants from the waste.It also contains a built-in filter that deters the growth of airhead composting toilet bacteria and other toxins in the waste. There is also a drain for the water system that is not only easy to maintain but also easily cleansed.

The Laveo is also very easy to move around. It can easily be maneuvered onto wheels so that it can be easily transported. There is also a hose that allows for a hands-free removal of the waste in case there is a need to be handled in a hurried manner. The Hose can be removed with ease with the included attachments that are also easy to use.

Another nice feature about the Laveo toilet is that it uses reusable lids for use on the bowl and the drain. The whole tank of the Laveo dry flush toilet is installed on a roll top tray so that there is no need to remove the tank from the frame. These features make the unit easy to install and quick to set up.

The tank is a removable tray that is made of vinyl and is cleaned using a standard tile and grout cleaning product. All that is needed is a light wipe and the unit is ready to use. This makes cleaning the tank a breeze and if a more thorough cleaning is needed, the tank can be simply cleaned with a damp cloth.

When used in a tent, the Laveo portable camping toilet will allow for easy cleaning of the tank. The tank can be cleaned by simply draining out the contents and wiping down the tank. This makes cleaning the tank as easy as washing the inside of a conventional toilet