London Is A World-class City In Its Own Right And There Are A Large Number Of Recommendations For …

It is also a great place to visit when you are holidaying with a small group, whether it is a group of family, friends or a select group of friends. So where should a tourist go for recommendations?

The information you need will be found on one of the best websites for the city – LondonxCity. If you wish to go on your own, the online “Lambeth Guide” to London is an excellent source of information. You can use these for your stay as well, especially if you want to just see the sights. Both of these websites can provide you with the facts and figures about all of the famous attractions.

Finding great London hotel recommendations will need some work too. A great travel website may not be enough because they may give a shortlist, so you might have to compare each of them before you choose. So make sure you do some research, using the search engines, or if you prefer, use a travel


or guide. It is a very good idea to book your hotel before you arrive, to ensure that you can find what you want.

One big question, particularly in a small group, is where to eat. A great London recommendation will take you to some of the best places to eat in the city. Some suggestions for good restaurants include Tofts, Cottage Garden, The Kitchen, Le Monde, The Whitewash, Your French Door, Tenders, Le Poisson Rouge, The Clink, El Boquillero, Tacoxperimento, Epic Seafood Restaurant, Gatlin’s Deli, The Grist Mill and The Pantry. There are many more that I haven’t mentioned.

For some of the good places to eat in London, visit the Yellow Pages. They will give you an idea of the best restaurants. This will also give you a guide to the places to eat in other areas of the city, so that you can make a trip to London by eating out.

A good destination for a shopping trip is Portobello Market. It is a really good place to do some shopping, especially for those who like to shop for “art”. For example, in a day you can go from Louis Vuitton to Rolex.

As the world famous clubs of London are at the heart of the city, don’t forget to go to the Empire Ballroom to watch the world’s top dance teams. It is located in Mayfair but is just a short walk away from the hotels.

Some of the best places to stay when you are taking a holiday in London are the Spring Gardens. There are also many good hotels in Knightsbridge and South Kensington.

Some of the best London Recommendations, as well as places to eat, have a good mix of traditional, modern and contemporary and that is great. It means that you can enjoy yourself and be sure that you have a great time while you are visiting the city.

As the British Empire was one of the biggest empires in the world, when you are visiting London you have to visit many of their places. The British Museum is a must, as are Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. They are world class tourist attractions and will give you an insight into the history of this country.

Don’t forget to read the reviews too! They will give you a better idea of the reputation of a place and how it compares to other places in the area